Tournament Team Stats Since 1985
Updated through 2017 Tournament

In the 33 years since the tournament went to 64 teams in 1985:

You can check out each and every one of them - track the records of every single team that has made the 64-team field since 1985.  Plus, teams are ranked by various criteria such as total wins, sweet sixteens, final fours, high seeds, etc.  Check it out at the Tournament Team Stats Page.

The pages were created from my personal records (so there could be errors) from an Excel spreadsheet format.  Also, I'm a purist - there are 64 teams in the tournament, not 68.  Thus, only the winners of the Tuesday/Wednesday play-in games are considered to have made the tourney. 

There are several tabbed pages with stats in various formats.  Below is an explanation of the various pages, each for 1985-2017 (selections):

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